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To serve Bloomington Indiana’s convert community members, a support team have volunteered their time and resources to help those who are new to Islam or simply have questions about Islam. Contact us at to set up a meeting to learn more about Islam,  join our convert support Whatsapp groups, and/or take Shahadah (officially enter Islam). We are here to support you wherever you are on your spiritual journey. 


Please email us about obtaining a free Welcome to Islam package from the Islamic Center of Bloomington.  


Welcome to Islam Package for New Muslims:

  • The Clear Quran, translated by Dr. Mustafa al-Khattab

  • Being Muslim: A Practical Guide, by Asad Tarsin 

  • Tasbih (prayer beads)

  • Prayer Rug


Be part of the Islamic Center of Bloomington community: 

  • Please email us to join our listserv and see our calendar for dates and times of ICOB events. 



Additional Resources

Free Online Quran translations: 


Continue your Islamic education for free with Yaqeen Institute:

The Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research is dedicated to the publication of original content, on relevant Islamic topics, that is academic, authentic, and accessible.  Content is free and they cover a wide array of topics.

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