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We have many activities that all Muslims, young and old, can participate in, in order to seek to get closer to Allah as well as the community that we have been blessed with in Bloomington. Some of these activities are open to all, like Jummah prayer, while some have certain groups that have requirements for participation. 

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Jummah Prayer

Our Jummah (congregational) prayer happens every Friday at 2pm. As of now, the khutba is delivered on a volunteer basis by brothers at the masjid.

Daily Prayer

We have regular prayer services five times a day. Please visit to find our complete prayer schedule

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Sunday School & Youth Groups

At ICOB, we offer kids a chance to gain knowledge about the Holy Quran while also spending time with other kids and having fun together.

Sunday school meets every Sunday from 11am - 1pm.

Volunteer Opportunities

Whether it be feeding those who are in need, helping with supplying the masjid with Qurans for born and convert Muslims, or helping to do dawah, among other things, there are many opportunities to help out and get closer to the community in the process! We would be happy to have you aboard.


Contact us for more information on how you can help:

Group Discussions (Halaqas)

Interested in attending a deep, spiritual discussion about a topic related to the Holy Quran? Want to connect with brothers and sisters, discuss, and try to develop a closer connect with Allah? ICOB is happy to offer halaqa discussions that anyone can attend (one for brothers, and the other for sisters).

The sister's halaqa takes place virtually, every Monday at 08:45pm. Message us for more details on how you can attend.

The brother's halaqa takes place in-person at the upper level prayer area, every Saturday between Asr and Maghrib. Brother Ramazan Oduncu leads the session. 

Community Potlucks

On the first Friday of every month, please join us as we gather together at the masjid sharing food and catching up with one another. Potluck begins around time for Maghreb. 

There is no set menu, but the food is always yummy. We hope to see you there inshAllah!

Schedule a Tour

We are happy to schedule individual or group sessions for those that require a specialized visit. We are able to provide tours, Q+A sessions, and meet special requests about the topic and/or background of your tour guide. Please email us to schedule your visit!

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