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ICOB Election 2024

This is your masjid. Nominate, vote, and serve in your community.

Come vote in the election

Early voting begins 4:30pm. Ballots to be counted after Isha prayer at the Islamic Center of Bloomington (ICOB). Ballots can be submitted up until Isha prayer at ICOB.

 Saturday, April 13 at the eid picnic at Karst Farm Park

Read below through the list of nominees on the ballot

Brothers' executive
committee nominees

General secretary 


Hassan Jardali

I am a PhD. student in Intelligent Systems Engineering. I came to Bloomington from Lebanon in 2022. I served as the Secretary General of ICOB's EC last year. I also volunteer at the Sunday School.

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-11 at 22.05.42_c4d90a3c.jpg

AbdurRaheem Syed

I'm Abdurraheem, working at Cummins as a Reliability Engineer and I've got a master's in Industrial Engineering. Hailing originally from Aurangabad, India. I have loved being a part of this community for the last two years and now it’s time to serve, aiming to bring us all closer together.



Sydney Mmadi

Work as an Associate Professor and Department Chair for Business and Logistics at Ivy Tech Community College. Joined the ICOB community almost 8 years ago and have been serving in Social Activities role for the past two years.


Abdul Shukoor

Pending Nominee Statement


Gaith Alshannag

I am a life sciences professional working at Catalent. I am from Jordan but have lived most of my life in the United Arab Emirates. Since moving to Bloomington last year, I've been warmly welcomed by our close-knit community. I'm eager to contribute and make our community even better.



Azzam Atif

I am an undergraduate at IU studying biochemistry BS. I have really enjoyed being an active member in our Muslim community.


Imran Mihas


Currently a junior at Indiana university pursuing biology. I am committed to fostering community and spiritual growth within our mosque. My favorite sunnah is wrestling in the masjid promoting camaraderie among the bothers. I look forward to serving the community.

Social Activities


Loay Zack

I'm Loay, I moved here from Michigan, originally from Jordan, I work as a nurse, that's what takes most of my time during the week, but I have plenty of time on my days off, I have been volunteering at the masjid since a year now.


Ahmed Mohammed

I was born and raised in Bloomington. I have been attending the masjid since I was a kid while my Father was the treasurer for ICOB. I am a freshman at IU studying Informatics. I consistently try to attend masjid social activities and hope to dedicate my time to help build the community by organizing more events.


Ali Iqbal

Pending Nominee Statement

Uncontested positions


BoT: Mansur Khamitov

I'm a Marketing Professor here at the Kelley School, researching and teaching marketing, consumer behavior, and branding. Originally from Kazakhstan, I also taught in Singapore and Canada. We are a family of four including my wife Dilara, and children Ramir (11) and Ramina (6) who are enrolled in our Sunday school and Youth Club. I am extremely eager to serve our community and am happy to utilize and leverage my knowledge, experiences, network, and connections to work toward the long-term success of ICOB.



Assalamualaikum. Alhamdulillah, I have been serving as the president of ICOB for the last two years. I moved to Bloomington from Dallas for work, I work as process remediation engineer for Cook Medical.


Vice President:
Abdul Razzaq

I work as a Validation Consultant. I moved to Bloomington in Nov 2020. It's been three years since I've been volunteering at the Masjid.

Uncontested positions, continued


Judiciary Committee:
Alhaji Abdullahi

I have lived in the Bloomington community for more than four decades.Graduate of IU. I was the president of Icob 2000-2001. Later years served as a member of the Board of Trustees. I am currently employed at Catalent Biopharma.


Judiciary Committee:
Nazif Shahrani

Pending Nominee Statement


Maintenance: Vacant

No brother accepted the nomination for this position, and therefore is to be appointed by the new Executive committee.

Sisters' executive
committee nominees

Uncontested positions

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-11 at 08.57.51_ae0341ff.jpg

Haifa Mohammed

I’m a soon to be graduate of Indiana University with a BA in Media and MELC. I have lived in Bloomington my entire life and have been coming to the masjid since I was a child- I hold this masjid and community very near to my heart. 

I have served on MSA board for almost 3 years and in the masjid community as a Sunday School teacher and volunteer. I’m looking forward to using my experience to serve the ICOB community in the best way that I can.


Vice President
Hanan Mousa

I have previous experience in teaching languages and Arabic at IU and I have earned my MA from MELC at IU in 2020. I participated in interfaith dialogue meetings in Bloomington.

Uncontested positions continued


Education Coordinator:
Amani Zaneer

Salaam! I’ve lived in Bloomington since 2008 and I’ll be graduating from IU this may with a degree in comprehensive design and near eastern languages and cultures. I’m part of the projects committee and wish to help out ICOB as much as I can!


Youth and Kids Coordinator: 
Asma Siddiqui

I am Asma Siddiqui, a mother first of two amazing kids! 
With a background in industrial engineering and teaching experience at King Abdulaziz University, alongside my roles as a community enthusiast, I am eager to serve. I’m passionate about igniting the curiosity of our masjid’s youth in Islamic teachings through engaging activities. From photography to baking, gardening to environmental initiatives, I aim to seamlessly weave Islamic knowledge into their day-to-day experiences, fostering a deeper connection to our faith. Thank you for considering me for this pivotal role in nurturing our future generations.


General Seceratary:
Tasneem Alfadhl

Upcoming senior at IU, originally from Yemen. I have served as the president of the Middle Eastern Student Association (MESA) at Indiana University of Bloomington.

Place your nominations

To nominate a brother or sister for a position on the leadership, you may fill out the online form linked below, or fill out a paper form in person and deliver it in person or email the paper form to

Nominations close on Monday, April 8th 2024

Sisters' nomination Form

Fill out this form to nominate sisters to the Women's Division Executive Committee or Board of Trustees.

Sisters willing to serve

Below is a list of sisters who have filled out the form stating they are willing to serve. The list is ordered by when the willingness to serve form was submitted.

NOTE: you may nominate sisters who are not on this list.

  • Asma Siddiqui​

    • "I am a mother of 2 children, Jibran and Safana, an engineer, and currently stay at home mom, living in Bloomington for almost 2 years. I am originally from Pakistan but have lived most of my life in Saudi Arabia. I love the close knit community here and like any other muslim mother, I want my children to have a strong foundation in islam and a close relationship with Allah. I have experience in teaching at King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia for 5 years in an Industrial Engineering department. I enjoy photography, baking and tending to my plants when I am free."​

    • Willing to serve as Youth and Kids Activities Coordinator.

  • Hanan Mousa​

    • "I have previous experience in teaching languages and Arabic at IU and I have earned my MA from MELC at IU in 2020. I participated in interfaith dialogue meetings in Bloomington."​

    • Willing to serve as Interested Serving as the Vice President and Education Coordinator.

Brothers' Nomination form

Fill out this form to nominate brothers to the executive committee, Board of Trustees, or judiciary committee.




Uncontested positions continued

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-12 at 00.09.26_b45277d1.jpg

Crisis Intervention:
Sukran Kulekci

I'm  from Turkey and have been living in Bloomington since  2022. I earned my bachelor's degree in mathematics and hold two master's degrees in Mathematics and Computer Engineering. Before moving to the US, I served as a chief researcher at a research institute in my home country and have since retired.


Fatima Ahmed

Pending nominee statement

Election Day

The 2024 ICOB general election is scheduled during the ICOB annual Eid picnic 2024 on Saturday April13th 2024.

Be willing to serve

By filling out this form, you are indicating that you are willing to serve on the Executive Committee or Board of Trustees.

You may think that you are not prepared, or you are too busy, but we are all volunteers trying our best for the sake of Allaah.

Brothers' form

Fill out this form for the election committee to put your name in the list of brothers willing to serve.

Sisters' Form

Fill out this form for the election committee to put your name in the list of sisters willing to serve.

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