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Collecting Money

Use this form to request zakat funds from ICOB.

By signing this form, you understand and acknowledge the conditions of owning an ICOB parking permit. 

Empty Classroom

Use this form to excuse your children from school in order to attend Jummah prayers. You will need to have it signed by the Board of Trustees (as you can see by the bottom letters).


Use this form to excuse yourself from class at IU on Eid. You will need to fill one out for every class you will miss. Your professor's signature is required. 


This form shows that your shahada was witnessed and documented. This can be helpful for converts who want to complete the Hajj.

Newlywed Couple in Mosque

This form is used by the ICOB to document the proceedings of any Nikah ceremonies that take place in the masjid. Please contact the center to schedule your ceremony at

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