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Please join us every Friday from 2PM to 2:30PM to worship Allah together! Every week, we shall have a khutbah following by a congregation prayer together.

What to expect

Modest Dress

We recommend modest attire for anyone who wishes to visit. Modest dress is considered a mark of respect for the mosque. Covering arms, legs, and chest is appropriate and respectful.

Is it in English or Arabic?

The khutbah (Islamic sermon) will be delivered in both English and Arabic. The proceeding prayer will be delivered entirely in Arabic.

Don't Forget to Make Wudu!

It is part of the Islamic practice where one makes ablution using water available in both the men and women's hygiene spaces located inside the masjid. For more information on wudu: Click Here


Available above is a video of the five daily prayer, please feel free to click on the video where it will showcase the amount of rakats (units of prayer supplication) that each prayer entails.


Jummah prayer, like fajr prayer, is only 2 rakats.

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