Verse of the Day

Thematic Study of the Qur’an

The ICOB cordially invites all community members, women and men, families, and friends to join a weekly thematic study of the Qur’an. The study is going to be on Fridays between Maghrib and Isha’, facilitated by Br. Yusuf Ahmed Nur, … Continue reading

Welcome New Students

Assalamu Alaikum New Students, We are excited to have you as part of the Bloomington Muslim Community. Insha Allah, you will find the Islamic Center of Bloomington (ICOB) a place of enlightenment, guidance and support. Don’t hesitate to reach out … Continue reading

Eid al-Fitr

Insha Allah, following the decision of The Fiqh Council of North America, the first Shawwal will be on Monday, July 28th, 2014 (check the astronomical moon sighting). Therefore, the ICOB will have the Eid prayer on that day. Here is … Continue reading

Muslims and Jews Fast for Peace

Heartbroken over the situation in Palestine and Israel, Jews and Muslims are coming together for a fast tomorrow, Tuesday, July 15th. This is a traditional fast day both for Muslims during this month of Ramadan and for Jews on the … Continue reading

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