Nikah Services

The Islamic Center of Bloomington (ICOB) provides nikah services ONLY in the name of Allah and ONLY as long as the following conditions are met:

  1. 1. Must have an official marriage certificate or license from the county; that is, if the individuals intending to be married have not yet received an official US government marriage certificate, they should present to ICOB a notarized statement witnessed by two adult Muslims stating that either the parties have never been married or that if the parties were married previously that they are not currently legally married to another person(s) either in the United States or another country.

  2. 2. In accordance with Islamic rules: A wali (there are different interpretations on who can be a wali) and two Muslim witnesses provided by the couple (witnesses must have valid identifications). At ICOB, all schools of Islamic thought are honored, therefore, if your school of thought does not require you to have a wali, you will not be denied nikah services. Moreover, in case of a bride who has reverted to Islam and is entertaining her own volition and not the consent of her father or male relatives in getting married, the presence of a wali will not be necessary.

  3. 3. A valid identification for both the bride and groom such as driver license, passport, I.D., etc.

  4. 4. The mahr, i.e. a gift from the groom to the bride must be agreed upon before the service.

Please remember that although requirements #1 and #3 are not necessary according to the rules of Sharia, but are necessary according to the rules of United States. In short, ICOB will NOT conduct any marriages that are urfi or those that are not legally binding.

To make an appointment contact the ICOB Committee.

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